Dog Love!



It’s my turn on the Simplicity blog and I’ve got a cute card to share!

Here’s a peek…


I made a Father’s Day card for my husband (and our dog).  I think he’ll love it!  For more details, click here.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


2 thoughts on “Dog Love!

  1. Hi, Therese. Your love and dog card made me sad. My little boy was a beagle named Monster. He died last March 2015. I had to make the tough decision to put him to sleep. He’s buried in my backyard and every day I talk to him. I miss him so much. Your card is beautiful and so true. It made me miss who I loved so much….my little boy.

    • Marisela – We are first time owners and Lucy, our Lab, has brought so much joy into our house. She has my husband, especially, wrapped around her paw. Dogs really tug on your heart. Although I’m sorry to hear that my card made you sad, I’m glad that Monster brought you so much happiness.
      Thank you for the comment. Hugs!

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